Case Studies

Kangaroo Island Abalone Group

Investigative Accountant’s Report / Voluntary Administration


  • Large Abalone farm situated on 30 hectares with a 130 tonne per annum production capacity, 10.5m abalone
  • Undertook a major viability and strategic review for engaging party


Identified the need for:

  • Changes to operational and recording processes and procedures
    • Reporting adherence to KPI’s
    • Strengthening of senior management and streamlining of Board including appointment of a new manager
    • Deficiencies in operations and security position
  • Recommended a formal appointment


  • Following the review we accepted an appointment as voluntary administrators
  • During an extended VA period we addressed matters raised in the review
  • Assets were realised through a DOCA resulting in a return of 50c in the dollar to unsecured creditors