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Case Studies

Flagstaff Proprietors

Mortgagee in Possession

Sizeable non-contiguous land holding of approx. 8,000 acres of farm land around Burra, SA


  • Sizeable non-contiguous land holding of approx. 8,000 acres of farm land around   Burra, SA
  • Land held by well-known local family for 100+ years
  • Relationship with financier soured with owners initiating proceedings and fighting   possession orders


  • Assisted financier to take possession and secure assets
  • Assessed condition of land and utilised appropriate experts
  • Appointed property manager for daily presence and efficiency
  • Managed 600 head of cattle on properties until ownership dispute settled
  • Facilitated lease of property to experienced operator to provide income, maintain  soil conditioning and improve appearance for sale
  • Tendered for and appointed local sales agent
  • Realised surplus assets and supplies


  • Strong auction results for properties
  • Realised proceeds from healthy herd of cattle with few maintenance issues

Hazeldene Park – Piggery

Strategic Review & Receivership

Hazeldene Park is a Piggery spread over several locations within South Australia with a history of financial losses.


  •   Several Locations
  •   Stock Weaners 3.5K, Finished Growers 5K
  •   History of financial losses & directors unwilling to inject further funds


  •   Inadequate cash flow management
  •   Stock husbandry & strategy
  •   Significant overdue creditors
  •   Company not in control of all strategic assets


  •   Asset sale - Receivership

X Station Pty Ltd

Investigative Accountant Report

X Station Pty Ltd is a vineyard, sheep and cattle property located at Langhorne Creek in South Australia.


  •   Vineyard, sheep and cattle property located at Langhorne Creek, South Australia


  • Investigative Accountant’s Report focusing on viability of:
    • Vineyard issues; assessment of operations of fruit orchard and establishment, inefficiency of vineyard and quality of water
    • Identification of asset ownership entities
    • Evaluation of options to reconfigure and sell property


  • Standstill agreement negotiated and rural counsellors engaged to assist in compliance
  • Features of Agreement:
    • Assessment of property sale
    • Property re-configuration
    • Equipment sales