Characteristics of corporate collapse

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Macks Advisory has observed trends and read research that has highlighted to us several of the key characteristics of corporate collapse.  Through this research we can help business advisers identify these characteristics that may, if acted on quickly, help avert business failures.

The key characteristics are:

Susceptible Industries:

  • Construction Industry
  • Small Manufacturing
  • Property Development
  • Small Retail
  • Transport

Typical Size:      

  • Less than 15 employees
  • Turnover of less than $1 million p.a.

Most Common Reason:               

  • Bad Debts (sometimes a domino effect of other insolvencies)
  • Management failure:
    • Over optimism in planning
    • Imprudent Accounting
    • Lack of working capital
    • Over-gearing

Common Outcomes

  • Management says the failure was unavoidable.  They could not have taken steps to prevent it
  • Larger companies have more successful turnaround options.

 The conclusions that can be drawn from the above are that small businesses in inherently risky sectors may be struck with unavoidable problems that bring them into financial strife.

In the experience of Macks Advisory, early intervention and assistance by insolvency experts will greatly assist the chances of these businesses surviving. In past years the use of the Voluntary Administration mechanism has greatly assisted companies with good management to survive the impact of unavoidable problems that strike many small businesses.

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