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Adelaide University Motorsport Team (AUMT) Races to the Future

01 December 2017

Macks Advisory looks towards supporting South Australians, and who better than Noel Scanlon's son, Aidan.

Vibrant and determined university students were required to design, build, test and race a small open wheeled vehicle to compete in the Formula SAE Australasia competition this month.

Adelaide University Motorsport Team (AUMT) was founded in 2001 to compete in the annual Formula SA Australasia competition which began in 2000. The Formula SAE is a racing event available to University and TAFE teams. The team has set itself up to step into the top tier of Australian competition in recent years. The opportunity provides the students with real world experience in business, project and team management, engineering team skills.

Our link with the AUMT stems from Noel Scanlon who is a Supervisor at Macks Advisory. Noel’s son Aidan is the Technical Director of this year’s team and is in his final year of engineering at Adelaide University.

On Friday, 24th of November, the AUMT unveiled their car and it was evident that hard work and dedication had been at the forefront of their work. The car will compete in Melbourne from 7-10 December 2017.

Macks Advisory is a sponsor and supporter of the AUMT and we wish Aidan and the team all the best for their upcoming event.

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